Wrigleyville West

The median home price in Wrigleyville West is $994,256, which makes it more expensive than 99.2% of neighborhoods within Illinois and 95% across all states. This Wrigleyville West neighborhood is primarily residential in Chicago, Illinois. The area has small to medium-sized homes, with the majority being rentals that are occupied by renters only.

Many of the homes in Wrigleyville West are historic, with some dating back to before 1939. Many were also built between 2000 and now.

Wrigleyville West is an interesting neighborhood to explore, with its high vacancy rate and lack of occupied homes. The 13% overlap between residential properties that are not seasonally rented could either mean there’s a weak demand for real estate in this area, or it might be due to new development projects which have yet been filled up by their owners.

The Wrigleyville West neighborhood is one of the most educated neighborhoods in America. 85% here have received at least a 4-year bachelor’s degree, which is much higher than average for an American city or town, standing at 32%.

This exclusive community is characterized by refined tastes and cultural inclinations. The people here stand out as a class among their own, with the means to live well in this refined environment, and they stand out as cultural influencers with refined tastes throughout their community. Furthermore, this neighborhood has Urban sophisticates who live a big city lifestyle, whether or not they’re in the heart of one. They can be educated executives by week and managers/executives with a taste for art on weekends.

The people of Wrigleyville West are more likely than most to live in a same-sex relationship. With almost 2 percent identifying as LGBTQ, it’s no surprise that this area has some really unique qualities; this neighborhood has a greater concentration of same-sex couples than 96.5% of U.S communities.

The Wrigleyville West neighborhood in Chicago is one of the wealthiest communities across America. With a mere 4% as rich or richer than this area, it’s no surprise that people will be able to recognize their status right away.

The people living in this area drive luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz vehicles

 luxuriously comfortable Audi’s sleek Lexus models and they keep their property well maintained.

The people in this area have such a preference for private schools. Some prefer Disney over other vacations, but there’s nothing more popular than summer trips abroad – especially in Europe.

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