Wrigleyville Northwest

The Wrigleyville Northwest median real estate price is $943,670, which makes it more expensive than 99% of the neighborhoods in Illinois and 94 percent nationwide. The average rental price in Wrigleyville Northwest is currently $671; this is lower than 98.8% of Illinois neighborhoods.

The Wrigleyville Northwest real estate market, has a wide range of housing options for residents. There are small apartments to medium-sized homes with three or more bedrooms and single-family houses that can be found in this area as well. Residences in the Wrigleyville Northwest neighborhood are typically new, with many being built between 1970 and 1999. However, some homes date back to as early as 1940 or even 1969.

The Wrigleyville Northwest area has a low vacancy rate, which may be due to its high demand for real estate, partly because there’s been some increase in the construction of homes.

The concentration of residents who live alone in this part of Chicago is higher than in other neighborhoods. However, living alone is not uncommon in this neighborhood. It’s a more significant proportion than most other places around America.

With the Wrigleyville Northwest neighborhood being so close to work, many residents are often found walking from their bedroom into an office, 18.1% of people in this neighborhood work from home, this may not seem to look like a big number, but then it’s higher than 98 percent across America.

The Wrigleyville Northwest community is a fantastic option for bicycle commuters, as 6.7% of them ride their bikes to and from work on any given day, which makes this percentage higher than 98% of U.S neighborhoods.

The Wrigleyville Northwest neighborhood is unique because they have the highest percentage of residents who ride public transportation. In fact, 41% use trains to get to work every day.

The Wrigleyville Northwest neighborhood is an executive paradise. With 71% of the employed people here making a living as executives or other professionals, it’s clear this area specializes in high-paying jobs that require considerable skill and education to land. With such a high concentration of employed people here, it’s no surprise that the neighborhood has been influenced by this for years. This is especially true in how we see ourselves – what our character and identity are about.

In the Wrigleyville Northwest neighborhood of Chicago, there is one thing that stands out more than anything else: its high concentration of apartment complexes. The real estate here consists almost entirely of big buildings and apartments.

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