Woodland Heights

Woodland Heights is a neighborhood in Streamwood, IL area. It’s an urban area with many large homes and small apartments that offer residents easy access to downtown via Highway 55 or Metra train lines for work commute purposes.

The median real estate price in Woodland Heights is $200,345, making it more expensive than 47.7% of the neighborhoods within Illinois and 37% higher than the rest of America. This can be seen as an outlier when compared to other areas across America, where prices range from about half this amount up until two times higher or even three times greater than what you would find here. Many people are drawn towards living near nature’s beauty – whether they realize it or not- but unfortunately, most don’t share these preferences with others who will eventually inhabit their town once again, so anything worth doing always has some formality involved.

Woodland Heights is one of the most expensive neighborhoods, with an average rental price that’s 7% higher than other areas. It’s not surprising, considering this area has some incredible amenities to offer. From golf courses and country clubs on every corner, all way up through highly rated schools– there really isn’t anything at disposal for your family needs here aside from maybe some space if you’re looking into buying rather than just renting.

The Woodland Heights/ Village Center area is an excellent place to live with its large selection of single-family homes and townhomes. Some properties range in size from small apartments, condos, or duplexes but most people stay put at one property type: either they’re looking for a starter home; family compound where everyone can enjoy their own space while still being close by when needed – maybe even taking carefree trips back into city limits.

Many people in the Woodland Heights / Village Center neighborhood own their homes. This is because they were mostly built between 1940 and 1969, with some dating back even further. A few houses were created during 1970s-era construction projects; however, these older structures stand out quite noticeably against newer buildings located nearby or around them on either side of Central Ave. Woodland Heights is a great place to live if you’re looking for affordable housing with low vacancies. With an occupancy rate of 82%, it’s easy to see why people love this neighborhood.

The Woodland Heights / Village Center neighborhood in Streamwood is an upper-middle-class, high-income area. There are many things to do here that will make your life more enjoyable and convenient, like grocery stores that carry what you need at any time or restaurants with delicious food. 

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