Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology

For history buffs looking to explore more of what makes up Illinois’ beautiful landscape, visiting the Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology is a must. The museum previously existed as its original home on Park Ridge but has recently been shifted over Schaumburg town limits making this new location even more convenient.

Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology has been a popular destination for medical professionals and students alike. With more than 13,000 books in its collection, including extensive historical records as well research publications on topics ranging from anesthesiology to surgery, this resource is positioned appropriately within the institution’s mission statement “to serve.”

The Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology is a unique and historic institution. In addition to having one room with preserved old letters, books titles from centuries ago as well other materials on display for your viewing pleasure.

The Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology is a fascinating place to visit for anyone who loves medical history. The most interesting part about this beautiful museum is its collection of anesthetic equipment which showcases everything from 19th Century masks and inhalers designed for ether or chloroform all the way up to modern-day instruments used during surgery.

The Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology is open to the public throughout the week, but you will need an appointment in order for access. You can book your reservation ahead or take part in one of their guided tours which are free with entry into this historic building.

It’s always exciting when you get new information about what happens inside a place like this – especially because some people might not know that there was once such thing as “a library” here at all.

The Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology is a place where you can learn more about the history and development of anesthesia. A timeline provides key moments that shaped this profession, as well people who were influential or played important roles throughout it all.

Situated at 1061 American Ln, Schaumburg, IL 60173, the Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology is an invaluable resource for anyone researching the history and development of anesthesia. Personal papers from individuals, as well as institutional archives collections, are available to explore in-depth via this incredible research center.

The Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology had begun to digitize its Rare Book Collection, which includes manuscripts and letters from the advent era when anesthesia played a special role in medicine.

What’s a museum without its artifacts? The Wood Library-Museum is home to some of the most interesting historical items in all four corners, including Awards and Memorabilia from their curators’ collections. 

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