Willis Tower

The Willis Tower is a 1,729-foot building that used to be enough for world records but has now been knocked down by other buildings in Dubai and Tokyo.

The Willis Tower is among the most iconic structures in Chicago. It houses many businesses, including TV and radio stations, that broadcast their signals from this building’s observation deck for tourists to see.

Willis Tower is an iconic Chicago building that provides stunning views of the city’s skyline. As you stand on top with your eyes wide open, taking it all in for miles around, you’ll enjoy breathtaking aerial images, including streets and sidewalks below and clouds far off into distant horizons.

When you visit Chicago, take the time to enjoy the breathtaking aerial views. You’ll get an amazing perspective on what life would be like if buildings were higher than they are now and you could even see straight down into different parts of town.

Situated at 33 S Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60606, United States, Willis Tower is home to one of Chicago’s most well-known observation points. The Skydeck, an elevated platform with walls and floors made entirely of glass, created a unique view for visitors looking at everything below them at sheer, inconceivable heights.

There are a multitude of different activities to do at Willis Tower, but one that stands out is the Skydeck Ledge. This series of transparent boxes jutting out from the side will allow you to walk on air and see all around you as if it were just below ground level.

Though it might not be the tallest skyscraper in Chicago anymore, or even Illinois for that matter, The Willis Tower still holds an important place as one of many iconic structures throughout this great city.

Willis Tower is the ultimate Chicago sight to see. With its iconic architecture and swooping views of downtown, it’s guaranteed that you will feel like an explorer looking out at this wonderful city from 110 stories high.

This modern marvel captures the vibrancy of downtown Chicago. It provides inviting hospitality and memorable experiences for residents, visitors from all over Illinois, and those who work in downtown skyscrapers. The building offers inviting hospitality and memorable experiences on an unmatched scale, with its rich collaboration culture being what employees rave about most to this day.

Willis Tower is a stunning example of how elevating your lobby can make all the difference in creating an impressive destination for visitors. The new Wacker Drive space features expansive lounges as well as one soon-to-open bar and patio.

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