Wheaton Estates

Wheaton Estates is a dense neighborhood in the city of Wheaton, IL. The area has an urban feel because it’s home to many people who work hard and play even harder.

The Wheaton Estates neighborhood real estate prices are higher than 85.0% of the neighborhoods in Illinois and 71.1% across America. The median price for homes here hits $425K, which isn’t bad compared to other places around our great country – but it’s definitely not cheap either; you’ll need quite a bit of money if you wish to own one of these properties.

The Wheaton Estates neighborhood in Wheaton has an average rental price of $2,467. This makes it more expensive than 92.1% of other neighborhoods across the state.

The neighborhood of Wheaton Estates is a great place to live if you’re looking for large homes with plenty of space. The area has medium-sized apartments as well, perfect for someone who doesn’t want the hassle or cost associated with downtown living but still needs access to roadways and public transportation.

Wheaton Estates is a neighborhood in which many homes are owner-occupied. These residences tend to be established but not old, with most having been built between 1970 and 1999; some were even built as recently as 2000 or later. There’s also quite the variety when it comes down to how vintage each house might be – there will probably always remain something for everyone here at this timeless place called “Wheaton Estates.”

Wheaton Estates is the place to be if you appreciate high culture, fine cuisine, and boutique shopping. With an excellent selection of restaurants that offer everything from creative gourmet meals on budget-friendly menu options or full-course tasting menus for those looking forward to their next adventure into culinary exploration; there’s no lack of entertainment either, with neighborhood hotspots providing live music performances several nights per week – it will make sure any day leaves the room (and wallet) light.

It’s no surprise that the Wheaton Estates neighborhood is an education hub, with over 70.4% of its residents holding at least a 4-year bachelor’s degree. This higher rate makes it more advanced than 95.2% of other U.S. neighborhoods where fewer people have completed their degree courses.

Wheaton Estates is a nice place to call home if you’re in the high-earning bracket. With higher average income levels, this neighborhood beats out 92% of other areas around America.

The languages spoken by people in this beautiful neighborhood are as diverse and colorful as the cultures they came from. These are languages which tend to be most popular among residents in their households here, with English coming out on top at 89%. Other key languages include Spanish as well as Langs. of India.

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