Westlake Park

The Bloomingdale Park District’s second-largest park covers an area of 25 acres, 13 of which are covered by an attractive lake on the East Branch DuPage River. The location offers visitors many outdoor activities such as fishing (fishing permits available at designated areas), hiking, and backpacking escort service through part or all the designated parks. Westlake Park is a great place to feed the ducks, geese, and swans (oats). You can also catch sight of plenty of turtles while you’re there.

Westlake Park is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with friends, family, or coworkers. At 25 acres, it’s also one of Illinois’s largest parks and home not only for fishing but hiking trails as well. The sled hill will delight those who enjoy winter sports while offering some relief from cold weather when walking around Lake Michigan in July – August months with their accessibility features.

Westlake Park is the perfect destination for an outdoor adventure. The lake offers anglers and boaters plenty of space to enjoy their day, while at 25 acres, it’s also one of our largest parks in terms. Last year, the park enjoyed the construction of a new fishing pier that made access more effortless than ever before with its accessible path leading right up until you get onto dry land where many fun things are waiting just around every corner like swingsets or sand volleyball courts ready, so everyone can play some games together after being out here all morning long. Westlake Park has a lot to offer in the winter, with its only Frozen Fountain and an encircling trail. Not only does it contain Bloomingdale’s favorite sledding hill but also fishing piers as well.

The lakeshore is lined with trees and overgrown grassy banks, where sunfish can be caught. Bluegill or catfishes may also live here in large quantities – it’s a haven for water enthusiasts. There’s one mile of trails that bends around the entire shoreline, so you’re sure not to miss any fishing spots on your adventure. The Westlake Park in Bloomingdale, Illinois, is an asphalt trail with benches for picnicking and fishing. You can make this 20-minute loop around the reservoir after working up some energy at one of its playgrounds.

The Westlake Park has a lot of nice areas for walking, jogging, or fishing. The park trail offers plenty of opportunities to explore and enjoy this beautiful area with views that stretch far away. The scenic views at Westlake Park are so stunning, and you’ll want to spend the day there with friends and family.

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