Water Tower Courts

Located in Woodridge, IL, is a suburban neighborhood known as Water Tower Courts. The area has an average population density of about four people per acre (or 12 square blocks). With an estimated population of over 6,000 people and located just outside downtown Woodridge on the far north side of town near Highway 59/60, Water Tower Courts is a great neighborhood for anyone who desires easy access to all that our city offers.

The Water Tower Courts area is more expensive than 84.3% of the neighborhoods in Illinois and 69.5% percent from all other locations across America. This median real estate price ($399826) makes it one out of every twenty-one places on our great nation that are worth living in.

Water Tower Courts is an exclusive neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois. The average rental price for homes here has been $1,579 based on NeighborhoodScout’s analysis, and it compares to 62% higher than other nearby areas, which makes this area very popular among tenants looking into moving somewhere new or renovating their current dwelling before selling it back home again later down the line.

Water Tower Courts is a great place to live if you’re looking for an apartment with plenty of space and privacy. The courtyards here provide lots of green scenery, making it feel like home even when outside temps are cold. Water Tower Courts is a great place to call home. You’ll find everything from single-family homes and apartment complexes/high-rise apartments, all the way down in size.

The majority of residential real estate in this area is owner-occupied. Many people live here with long-term memories, some dating back to when the neighborhood was still new and developing unique style traits that are now considered classic representations for upper scale urban living or new urbanist designs alike.

What comes to mind when you think of Chicago’s Water Tower Courts neighborhood? For many people who live in this established but not old residential area with several homes being built between 1970-1999 and 2000 or later; their next thought will probably be about which type they prefer: singles/duplexes that were designed as two-unit living spaces (with separate entryways) on almost every available lot throughout these once farmland acres.

The neighbors in this Woodridge neighborhood are among 15% of America’s wealthiest when it comes to income. NeighborhoodScout found that from all levels of wealth and poverty relative rates for which their data is available – which covers just under 87%. This means these people have more than usual opportunities but still feel like they can rely on others around them.

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