Wabash Arts Corridor

The Wabash Arts Corridor is an innovative way for students to get creative and apply their knowledge in the real world. This corridor was created by a Columbia College Chicago alumnus who wanted a place where people could go outside of school with what they learned inside those four walls and meet other like-minded individuals doing cool things.

When the Wabash Arts Corridor was created, it gave artists freedom of expression that they had never had before. They could create wherever and whatever they wanted, with complete artistic control over their work, in an area where there were very few restrictions on what people could do or how much property someone owned until then.

The Wabash Arts Corridor is an artistic mecca. It’s not only art that you can find here, but also a sense of community as people from all walks of life come together to create their own pieces for this beautiful environment we call home.

Situated at 635 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60605, United States, the Wabash Arts Corridor is a treasure trove of art. The paintbrushes and pencils create masterful works that can be found in every corner, from doors to windows or stairs leading up high into the buildings, but also hidden away downstairs among shadows cast by alleyways, where if you’re quick enough, your eye might spot an old painting waiting for someone else’s eyes to enjoy it.

The beautiful Wabash Arts Corridor is an entertaining and interesting neighborhood to explore. The countless murals, pieces of graffiti, or other street art that you can find on any corner in this area are unlike anything else Chicago offers. Another fun feature about living here is all these changes happening every day as new artwork appears throughout our city center–it really makes sure your visit isn’t boring because there’ll always be something different around each time period when walking through its streets.

If you’re considering an offbeat way to spend your time in Chicago, IL area, then the Wabash Arts Corridor is exactly what you need. This hidden art installation features works by different artists and photographers who have been rejected by society but still managed to make their mark on this world with beautiful creations. Doing nothing really can change someone’s life-just ask any artist living or working here.

An artistic wonderland awaits you in the Wabash Arts Corridor. This living urban canvas is a place where artists and art fans can connect with their creative side, whether they are looking for new inspiration or want to be exposed to more of what’s going on around them.

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