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Kayaking in Chicago is a perfect way to get out on the river and take in some fresh air. Whether you go with an urban tour company or enjoy tours at popular locations throughout Chicago, such as Millennium Park and Navy Pier- your adventure will be unforgettable. The perfect ending would include something about how scenic it can be during sunset time which might make people want more than just sightseeing experiences from their trips so they could try different things too. There are many ways to enjoy the cityscape from a boat when in Chicago. You can take a journey along Chicago’s river or head out onto Lake Michigan for some scenic views before returning back home again. This is an activity suitable whether you’re just starting your day with mild exercise, looking forward all afternoon long during lunch break at work – there’s something here perfect no matter what time of year it may be polling off-season vs. summer vacation season. 

You’ll never see Chicago’s fantastic views of the city like this. A night tour on Water brings you past glowing Merchandise Mart, showered in rotating digital art displays projected onto its facade. Then, one-hour skyline paddleboards give an alternative perspective–showing Grant Park and Navy Pier while bypassing most tourist sites so tourists can enjoy them without being surrounded by other people doing similar things during their visit downtown.

 Situated at 435 E. Chicago Riverwalk, Chicago, Illinois, 60611, United States, Urban Kayaks offers tours that are about an hour, so make sure you’ll be able to keep a moving pace for at least that long. The kayaking tour provides visitors with an insight into the bustling Chicago life. Kayaking in the city is an experience you won’t forget. For $45, single kayaks are available to rent, and adventurous visitors can explore Chicago’s lakeshore by themselves.

Urban kayaking is more than just a great workout and fun experience, and it’s also an environmentally-friendly way to explore our beautiful city. The options at Urban Kayaks are endless – from trips on the Chicago Riverwalk or Lakefront near Monroe Harbor; no matter what you’re looking for, they can help make your wildest dreams come true with this new form of navigation that doesn’t require any previous expertise. Imagine paddling along the Chicago River Main Branch with an expert guide as you explore this modern urban environment and learn about its early historic locations. Your sunset kayak tour will take place amidst a soft golden glow that shines upon some of our city’s finest architectural gems and historical spots while enjoying breathtaking views from aboard. 

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