Touhy Avenue

Touhy Avenue is located in Skokie, IL. This suburban area (based on population density) has many single-family homes perfect for those looking to live close by and commute to work every day. Touhy Avenue is a street that has some beautiful homes on it. The Touhy Ave real estate area consists primarily of medium-sized (three or four bedroom) to large five bedroom single-family houses and townhomes for buyers who want more space than they can get in nearby smaller neighborhoods. A lot can be said about this part of town by looking at how many bedrooms your house has, but you’ll also have an easier time finding something if you know how big things like parking spaces are.

The Touhy Ave neighborhood is one of Chicago’s most sought-after neighborhoods. Its residential real estate market has been thriving for decades. It has many homes being occupied by their original owners who have opted not to sell or rent out their property during periods where there was increased demand from other buyers interested because they wanted peace and quiet rather than new neighbors bothering them every day – just like you would find on any busy road.

The median home value on Touhy Avenue is $482,613, making it more expensive than 90.6% of the neighborhoods in Illinois and 77% higher than the rest of the nation. Even though this may seem like a high price to pay for something that doesn’t even belong to you (your house), there are still many benefits of living somewhere popular, like an excellent school system or a lower crime rate.

The cost of renting a place in this neighborhood can be pretty high, with an average price tag over $4k. The community is not really within reach for people on tight budgets or living outside major cities like Chicago, where prices will likely feel more affordable. The cost of rent in this area is higher than 99.7% of the neighborhoods across Illinois. There are currently 6.1% more real estate vacancies in Touhy Ave than average for the U.S., which may signal some demand for either price increases or new construction of residential products to help fill this void.

Whether you’re looking for a safe and serene neighborhood or an excellent school system, this area has what it takes. The combination of top public schools and low crime rates makes them among Illinois’s 6% best family-friendly neighborhoods. Touhy Ave is an excellent place for families to live. It’s not just about the amenities or location but also about how supportive and involved the community can be with its members. 

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