Timbercrest Wood

The median price of homes in Timbercrest Woods is $370,224, which makes it more expensive than 80.7 percent of all neighborhoods within Illinois and 66.2%. This seems like an extreme value for such a nice area. Located in the heart of Illinois, Timbercrest Woods is a beautiful place to call home. The average rental price for this neighborhood currently stands at $1,595 – which makes it higher than 63.7% in other areas around here.

The population of Timbercrest Woods, located in the Schaumburg, Illinois area, is represented by an average density that places it among the most urban neighborhoods in Illinois. The area is home to medium-sized three or four-bedroom single-family homes and apartment complexes/high-rise apartments. Most of the residential real estate in this part of town is owner-occupied; there’s no wonder why it has such an excellent reputation.

Many of the households in this community were constructed between 1970 and 1999. There’s also a number that was established prior to 1940, but not as many compared with other areas around town.

Timbercrest Woods is a beautiful, peaceful place to live. With such low rates of vacancies and average demand for real estate in this country, it’s no wonder that the price per square foot here tends toward higher than in most other neighborhoods across America.

In Timbercrest Woods, you will find a unique mix of homes. All but one or two are from between 1970-1999 – considered to be established but not old housing in this neighborhood.

Do you know that the Timbercrest Woods neighborhood has more Polish and Romanian ancestry people living in it than nearly any other American neighborhood? It’s true. In fact, 21.8% of this area’s residents have pure blood from polish, with only 0.8% being of Romanian ancestry.

The language you speak at home can say a lot about who and where your culture is. In the case of Timbercrest Woods, 12.2% of residents five years old or older primarily communicate in Langs from India. This number may seem small, but it’s higher than 99.5% in the U.S neighborhood.

The types of jobs you have shaped your character, and together with other people who share those same interests or hobbies in some way contribute to the culture that exists around us. The Timbercrest Woods neighborhood is conveniently located where many workers can get to their places of employment in just a few minutes. This may be shorter than the 15-30 minute commute time most Americans have.

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