The XXI / Highlands

The median price of a home in XXI XXI / Highlands is $300,567, which makes it more expensive than 68.0% percent of neighborhoods around Illinois and 54.8% of the U.S neighborhoods. The average rental fee in the XXI / Highlands is $2,116. These prices reflect an increase of over 84.7% of neighborhoods across Illinois and make it one of the more expensive areas for rentals here.

With a population density similar to that of some small towns, the XXI /Highlands is an urban neighborhood looking at its density located in Chicago. The real estate in XXI / Highlands consists of small to medium-sized apartments, single-family homes, and high-rise buildings. The Highlands is a diverse neighborhood with many different types of homes. A majority are renter-occupied, but there are also some that have been built since 1999 and others that date back as far as 1940.

The real estate market in The XXI / Highlands, located near Schaumburg, is much more competitive than most other American neighborhoods. This may be due to its high demand paired with a lack of available properties, which could signal prices or construction projects for residential buildings, as we see here too.

The XXI/Highlands neighborhood has more Iranic and Asian ancestry people living in it than nearly any other place across America. In fact, 3.4% of this area’s residents are of Iranian descent, while 33.5% have Asian origins. The neighborhood of XXI / Highlands is also pretty special linguistically. Significantly, 20% percent or more residents five years old and above primarily speak Langs from India at home; while this may look like a small percentage, it’s higher than 99.9% of the U.S neighborhood.

If you enjoy being among many different people, with the occasional visitor to spice things up, Or would it be refreshing if every resident in your neighborhood had known each other for years and generated a sense of community cohesion? This neighborhood stands out among American neighborhoods for the uniqueness in which its residents can move around.

The XXI/Highlands neighborhood is an interesting place to visit because you’re likely going to be surrounded by people who weren’t born in the U-S. In fact, 45% of residents here were born somewhere else, which makes this area more diverse than most others around.

The greatest number of people who live in the XXI/Highlands neighborhood commute for less than 15 minutes to work each day, 33%. This makes it one of America’s shortest commutes across regions.

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