The Meadows

When you think of the perfect place to call home, what springs immediately into your mind? For many people across America, it’s The Meadows. This suburban neighborhood in Streamwood, Illinois area, has become an ideal destination for families looking not only for their own piece of heaven but also ones that are close by. With excellent schools and plenty going on around town, there is always something new happening here. Whether it is attending one (or more) community events per week, joining neighbors who share similar interests at weekly mixer parties hosted every Saturday afternoon throughout summer months, observing nature up-close via daily walks along nicely landscaped trails winding throughout the 1/4 acre park located just south of the neighborhood.

The median price of homes in The Meadows is $217,477, making it more expensive than 53% percent of neighborhoods across Illinois and 41% higher than the rest of the country. This is an outlier compared to other areas nationally and internationally as this city has one the highest rates per square foot when considering all types.

The average monthly cost of renting in The Meadows is higher than nearly every other neighborhood in Illinois. The average rental price in The Meadows is currently $2,442. That’s higher than 91% of neighborhoods across Illinois.

Located in the heart of southwest Denver, The Meadows is home to a variety of neighborhoods. There’s plenty here from single-family homes and townhomes that range from small up through four-bedroom sizes; or if you’re looking for something larger than median size. Many of the residences in The Meadows are older and well-established. Built between 1940 – 1969, these homes have grown to be favorites among locals who want that traditional neighborhood feels with modern amenities such as spas or pools on their properties. A number also dawned the 1970s through 1999 construction periods making them perfect for those looking forward into future decades too.

The current vacancy rate in The Meadows is 0.0%, which means that there are very few available homes for sale compared to the demand from potential buyers looking into this area. This low number reflects both a robust real estate market with high prices and tight inventory levels and also because it’s such a picturesque community.

Located in Streamwood, Illinois, the Meadows neighborhood is one of many upper-middle-income neighborhoods that NeighborhoodScout analyzed. This area has a higher income when compared to 75% of all American places and even more so when you consider just how expensive it can get to live here.

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