The First Division Museum

Cantigny Park is a great place to take kids and families as it has many things for them of all ages. The First Division Museum offers some exhibits on classic war machinery, including guns, tanks, etc., which will be sure not to disappoint.

The First Division Museum is the perfect place to find a book or video that you don’t see anywhere else. With its own publishing company, this museum has all of your favorite reads in-house, and they’re free. You can go there for free, but if you want to park your car within the park, then expect some fees.

To understand the world’s largest collection of military art, you need to start at its source. With Jacquelyn Gillaspie, the First Division Museum historian, as your guide on this 9-day journey through Western Europe–the heartland for all things Military History– indulge in an exploration that will bring out both sides: what they fight over and how we can see our own reflection within their stories.

Situated at 1s151 Winfield Road, Wheaton, IL 60189, the First Division Museum is a must-see for any history buff. There are many impressive war cemeteries, memorials, and cathedrals on the itinerary that will leave you with a flooded mind from all of this incredible information.

You’ll never think about tanks in the same way again after visiting this museum. From World War I to Desert Storm, they have guns that date back over 100 years. This beautiful museum houses an exhibit on tanks from World War I to Desert Storm. You can explore this online collection with us and see how technology changed over time in preparation for battles that would rock our world again.

Come to the “Duty First” gallery for 2,500 square feet of engaging combat and peacekeeping involvement. The thematic sections are based upon modern U.S. Army missions: Military Assistance, Counterinsurgency Battle explanation -in blue-, Peace Keeping orange. An array of artifacts illustrate how recent history has shaped this division’s evolution over time.

They want you to tour their collection of restored World War II-Era Instruments of Combat. These military vehicles are maintained and operated by the museum staff, with help from vehicle volunteers during summer months when they participate in many parades on display outside at Cantigny Park.

These war-era machines provide a glimpse into the lives and times lived by those who fought in this great conflict, as well as showcasing some breathtaking photography from all eras throughout our nation’s history. 

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