The Exploritorium

Situated at 4701 Oakton St. Skokie, IL 60076, the Exploritorium is a great place to go on rainy days. It’s an interactive indoor playground run by the Skokie Park District, and it was just spotlighted in Chicago Tribune. This attraction creatively designs itself so that children can learn through open-ended play, which makes this spot perfect for all ages, from babies up until teens.

With two and a half stories of tubes, tunnels to explore, and a climbing wall, there is no shortage in the adventure. Alongside this, children can also enjoy water play area that has vortexs; costumed dress-up room featuring a stage where actors or musicians perform their best tunes for all who enter. For those looking forward to the transportation station, it awaits you ahead just below ground level at your feet when coming down from above-ground paradise.

There’s nothing like the feeling of exploring an unknown world with your child. Imagine if they were able to do it too. The Exploritorium provides a space where you can play together and explore new things, right inside our building – no need for outdoors or expensive activities this time around because there are plenty here at home already waiting just in case we want them. The art area encourages creativity by giving children tools that help inspire their imagination, while dress-up rooms encourage social interaction through imaginative costume wearing.

They have the perfect size for kids so that you won’t get lost in the crowd. The space isn’t crowded, and there are plenty of places where your little ones can play without being run over by an older kid or adult. It’s very clean, with few options that don’t overwhelm. The Skokie Park District’s Exploritorium is a great indoor play option when skies are grey. For $5 admission ( Residents get in for free), the eight-and under set can make their sunshine run from an area filled with dress-up clothes to waterplay space and more. There are even tube tunnels so you won’t get bored quickly or easily; it’ll take some work, but eventually, everything becomes clear- in this world at least.

The Skokie Exploritorium has a nice selection of amenities for kids and parents. There’s plenty to do, especially if you have more than one child at home. The best part about this place? Free parking with no purchase required doesn’t get much better than that. This one-of-a-kind kids amusement park is a must-see for anyone touring the Skokie area and for the residents as well.

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