Sunny Hill Park

Sunny Hill Park is a 19.56-acre space that can always provide you with an afternoon of sunshine and relaxation. The ideal and beautiful way to enjoy a sunny day at Sunny Hill Park is with friends, family, or dogs. It’s never just about the weather here– there are plenty of activities for all ages that will keep you busy at any time.

Sunny Hill Park is a perfect spot to get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. Whether you’re looking for an active game of golf or just want to make friends with other players on your tennis team while shooting hoops on their open court- there’s something here that will suit every type. With three shelters providing protection from inclement weather along with public restrooms nearby – this place couldn’t be more ideal than what it already offers us, so come check out all our amazing amenities today before they change again next year.

Sunny Hill Park is a great place to spend an afternoon with your significant other or friends. It has spacious parking; it’s clean and well maintained by the Streamwood, IL area park district, which makes me happy because they’re always doing such good work! There are picnic tables under the shade where you can sit down if needed as well as fountains for filling up on all those summertime drinks before heading home.

The best thing about Sunny Hill Park is that they have a fenced-in splash pad where you can let your child run around during summertime. They also provide small playgrounds for younger kids and one larger than the other, so it’s easy to find an activity suited just right. In case you’re looking for somewhere fun without any lines or complicated rules, then go visit them today- they would love to meet all of those special little people.

Situated at 1400 W Irving Park Road Streamwood, IL 60107, Sunny Hill Park has a ton more to offer than just tennis courts. There are 19 .5 acres of land with plenty for kids and adults alike in the form of either an outdoor basketball court or playground, as well skatable surfaces at your disposal. The best part about the sunny hill? You can also play disc golf while soaking up some sun by taking advantage of one beautiful pond right next door.

From the entrance to Sunny Hill Park, it is clear that this small but beautiful municipal park has been carefully designed with both active and passive activities in mind. The tennis courts are located on top of a hill adjacent to an open field where children can play alongside their parents, who may be relaxing under trees or taking advantage of the water fountain serving bathrooms while soaking wet shoes off after swim practice at a nearby pool/waterfronts facility.

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