Streamwood Oaks Golf Club

Streamwood Oaks Golf Club is a challenging nine-hole course with water coming into play on all holes. The 3404-yard layout offers some opportunities for excellent shots, but even experienced golfers will have their best times played here.

Here at Streamwood Oaks Golf Club, they take great pride in their beautiful course and want you to have an enjoyable experience. Their goal is always for players of all skill levels (including beginners) will find that perfect challenge – whether it’s hitting one ball or playing 9 holes.

The scenic, tree-lined Streamwood Oaks Golf Club has been a favorite of local residents for years. It’s owned by the Village of Streamwood and operated by Links Management, who take great pride in providing an excellent course that will provide you with plenty of opportunities to hit balls every day.

Situated at 565 Madison Drive in Streamwood, Illinois, the Streamwood Oaks Golf Club is the perfect place to enjoy some time on the green with friends and family. The clubhouse has an impressive 2,400 square feet of space that can accommodate 60 people. In addition, it features beautiful windows surrounding three sides by glass walls allowing plenty of natural light into this spacious interior while still providing privacy when needed too – no need for dark corners here as every inch rings optic fiber technology, so you’ll never miss out again due to low light conditions outside even if its packed storm season. There’s also our very own indoor fireplace where warmth will always be around year-round.

In case you’re looking for some new golf gear, the Pro Shop at Streamwood Oaks Golf Club has what it takes. They offer logo apparel and miscellaneous needs to any player in our community.

The well-regarded 9-hole Streamwood Oaks Golf Club is owned by the Village of Streamwood. One thing worth noting about this course is its water hazards, which can make for some interesting shots.

They have plenty of fun at Streamwood Oaks with their leagues. They handicap the courses, so it’s easy to compete, but they also make sure that everyone has an enjoyable time. You can join in on these activities if you want—you might even find yourself challenging someone else or getting paired up against your friend who used their own stroke play mode this week.

Streamwood Oaks Golf Club has a unique design that will challenge even the most skilled golfers. The course is composed of two par 3s, five par 4s & 2 par 5s, which makes for great scoring opportunities as well as two long but accessible layouts – perfect for playing if you want an exciting round.

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