Spring Creek Reservoir

Bloomingdale has no shortage of tranquil space, and this forest preserve sits on the northeast corner. Over 17 acres large at only 7 square miles, it is an excellent place for walks or bike rides with its many trails crisscrossing over flower patches like blue skies above us.

The lakeshore is lined with trees and overgrown grassy banks, where sunfish can be caught. Bluegill, catfish, bass are also found here in large quantities. There’s a one-mile trail that bends around the entire shoreline of this beautiful body of water; it provides plenty of seats along its length for you to relax while viewing all aspects from high up close or far away, depending on what your preference may lie within aquatic life forms like trout who call these waters home.

The 90-acre Spring Creek Reservoir Forest Preserve in Bloomingdale, Illinois, is a great place to enjoy an asphalt trail with benches for wildlife viewing, picnicking, and fishing. The 20-minute loop around the reservoir can be made as either your lunchtime task or after working up some energy at one of its three playgrounds.

The Spring Creek Reservoir has an oak savanna, meadows, and immature woodlands surrounding it. The preserve is home to plants found nowhere else in such large quantities. Together with all sorts of wildlife like cranes or otters, you can enjoy this natural asset even if just part-time during your vacation, at one point spending some quality family time together.

The Spring Creek Reservoir is an excellent place for walking, jogging, or in-line skating. The longer trail offers plenty of opportunities to explore and enjoy this beautiful area with views that stretch as far away from the city lights as you can see. A half-mile along its namesake river provides shaded spots perfect if it’s hot outside but not too much sun, so people don’t get baked by the sun.

Spring Creek Reservoir is a great place to spend the day with friends and family. The picnic tables are scattered throughout, so there’s no need for spreads or grills – just bring your appetite. You can also enjoy beautiful views from one of their many scenic spots that have been designated solely for this purpose: Ground fires aren’t allowed, but charcoal hot-coal containers will be available on-site in case you want some nice sweet barbecue smoke flavors while enjoying nature at its finest during these warm months ahead.

The 17-acre reservoir is excellent for bass, catfish, and bluegill fishing. You can fish here during any season because the water doesn’t get too hot or cold – just right. It’s 15 feet deep on average but reaches 55ft when it floods with stormwater from Springbrook Creek.

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