The median real estate price in Southport is $755,825, which makes it more expensive than 95.7% of the neighborhoods around Illinois and 87.5% of the neighborhoods in the U.S.

The fee of renting a house in the Southport Corridor is higher than 94.2% of neighborhoods across Illinois. The average rental price here, $2607, exceeds what you’ll find within most areas throughout Illinois.

The Southport Corridor is an area located in Chicago, Illinois, that has a high population density.

The Southport Corridor is a place where you can find everything from small apartments to high-rise buildings. If your needs are simple or more complex, this area has what everyone needs.

Not all of the homes in this Southport Corridors neighborhood are old, but there’s a lot that dates back before World War II. Many residents here live alongside newer construction, too; some were built as recently as 2000 or later.

In Southport Corridors neighborhood, there are currently 8.3% home vacancies which are lower than 52.5% of the average for all neighborhoods nationwide.

When you come to know the people here, it will become clear that this is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in America. In fact, only 5.0% percent can say they live richer than Southport Corridor.

The people of this city prefer luxury brands to other things. They own cars such as Mercedes, Audi, and BMW.

This wealthy neighborhood has some of the lowest ratings for child poverty in America. The public schools are not as popular here, with most children going to private preparatory schools instead.

The people in this neighborhood are more urban than 98.2% of neighborhoods across the country; they have refined tastes, inclinations towards culture and can afford to live well.

The Southport Corridor neighborhood is a perfect place for those who like the idea of living both Monday through Friday as an executive or manager but also enjoy going out on weekends to appreciate art.

The people of the Southport Corridor neighborhood are truly riders. 54.7% ride their train to work each day, which is higher than 99.0 percent in all other neighborhoods across America.

In the Southport Corridor neighborhood, there are a lot more people working as executives and managers than in other neighborhoods across America. In fact, 66.8% percent here have jobs that fall into these two categories, which shapes not only what this area is about but also defines it.

The Southport Corridor neighborhood has more Finnish and Swiss ancestry people living in it than anywhere else in America.

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