Skokie Village Center

Skokie Village Center is an incredibly dense neighborhood (based on square footage) located in suburban Chicago with a population density similar to that of many small towns.

With a median real estate price in the Village Center of Skokie, it is $401,378, making it more expensive than 84.6% of neighborhoods across Illinois and 69% higher than all the country’s neighborhoods. The cost of renting a home in Skokie Village Center is higher than the average for Illinois. The median rental price has been calculated at $1,726 based on NeighborhoodScout’s exclusive research and analysis; this makes it more costly than 71% of all neighborhoods across our state.

Village Center of Skokie, IL, is a great place to buy real estate. The average number of homes in the Village Center area is medium or small single-family houses with about three bedrooms and 1-2 bathrooms per unit. There’s an assortment of apartment buildings ranging from studios to 4 bedrooms. The residential real estate in the Village Center neighborhood is a mixture of owner’s homes and renters. Much older, well-established properties can be found here, some as old as 1940 or earlier. Several newer buildings were built before 1969, with more recent construction on either side.

With a 6.8% rate of real estate vacancies in Skokie Village Center, this neighborhood is lower than the average found across America at 62%. The lack thereof may signal the demand for either price increases or new construction to meet future needs from consumers looking into purchase options now before bidding wars break out.

The way a neighborhood looks and its unique character is one of the first things most people notice. For example, some may see whether buildings are from specific periods or shop signs appear in multiple languages. Some of the best things about this village are its large variety in architecture, beautiful landscapes, and outdoor spaces for all to enjoy. There’s no shortage of demand when it comes time for you to look at buying your next home- there is something here that’ll meet everyone’s needs.

College students looking for a safe place to live should consider the Skokie Village Center neighborhood. This area has an excellent mix between college students and safety and walkability that makes it easy to get around Skokie without having too much trouble with traffic on main thoroughfares.

This Skokie neighborhood is home to some of America’s most elite, high-income individuals. The neighbors here have an average salary that exceeds 55% of all other communities across this great country. 

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