Skokie Theatre

The Skokie, Illinois area Theatre has a rich history, dating back to when it first opened its doors in 1915. The building itself is an example of the Art Moderne style. It features checkerboard patterns on each side that give it just enough flair without being too overbearing or distracting from looking at their beautiful architecture up close as you walk past them down Main Street during any given day.

The building that houses the theater has a fascinating history. It originally served as just one screen, but over time it became more, and now we can see performances from all around town here. The entertainment capital of Chicago, Skokie Theatre is a staple for residents and visitors to enjoy. With MadKap Productions programming musicals, concerts, stand-up comedy, etc., something new is happening at this iconic venue.

This historic theater has seen plenty of changes over the years. The 425-seat Niles Center Theatre opened in 1915, but by 1942 it had been remodeled to make way for a more modern facade with seats removed from front steps and balcony area and an enlarged space that could seat more people. The village of Skokie in 1940 renamed its central square to Niles Center and then changed the name of this single-screen movie house from “Skulks” (a term used for those who couldn’t afford anything better) to a more dignified sounding alternative: “Skokies.” Before World War I, it had been open as an inn where people would watch movies on screen with their friends or family members.

The Skokie Theatre has screened various films over the years, including art and foreign movies. It is closing for good this fall after nearly twenty-five years in operation. The concert venue was converted from a Skokie Theatre in 2005 and has been renamed the Cavalcade Of Music Foundation’s 148-seat music theater. It is based out of Chicago, Illinois, and serves other areas such as Kenilworth, where they can offer their services more widely around that area due to its smaller size than others.

The grandstand has recently been restored and relit. The renovations include new lighting, sound systems, and repairs to the exterior of this historic landmark. The renovation process also included making it handicap accessible so that all attendees can enjoy themselves equally without difficulties attending events in future years. The marquee has been restored and relit. It was closed on December 31, 2011, for renovations that would bring it back as the Skokie branch of popular Gorilla Tango Theatre’s Bucktown location; however, they reopen in April 2012 with sketch comedy shows like those you can find at any other theater. 

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