Skokie Boulevard

Skokie Boulevard is a bustling street in the heart of Skokie, Illinois. This urban neighborhood (based on population density) offers many opportunities for those who live there or visit often. This particular neighborhood in Skokie has some extraordinary things about it that are worth noting. First, you’ll live near one of the town’s main ways, making for easy access to shopping or places alike. This area offers endless opportunities, but it’s also home to plenty of people, so chances are there will always be someone around when needed.

The median price of a home on Skokie Boulevard is $414,056, making it more expensive than 80% of the neighborhoods in Illinois and 67.6% higher than all the country’s neighborhoods. This could be because this area has many luxury homes for sale at high prices. In addition to being extremely pricey compared to other parts, Skokie Blvd transacts through several factors that contribute towards making these particular addresses stand apart, such as their high proportion.

When it comes to the average rental price in this area, you’ll be paying a hefty sum of $1-960. That’s more than 80% higher than what we see on average across Illinois, and Skokie Blvd has one of its highest concentrations which makes sense because there are so many apartments available.

The Skokie Blvd real estate market is a great place to find your next home. There are medium-sized (three or four bedroom) single-family homes and small apartment buildings that offer the perfect living space for any family. The Skokie Blvd neighborhood is a great place to call home if you’re an owner or renter.

There’s something for every household on this stretch of road, from century-old homes that have been beautifully updated with modern amenities like asphalt, driveways, and patios, all the way up through luxury offerings near Lake Michigan where owners can enjoy views while taking advantage off low property taxes too. The Skokie Blvd neighborhood in Chicago has a low home and apartment vacancy rate. This makes it an excellent and tranquil place to live, with affordable housing options for everyone.

The people in this area make a good living. They are better off than most other places and can afford some luxuries, like cars or boats if they want them. The Skokie Blvd neighborhood has an above-average income compared to others around here, which means there is always plenty of action going on for those who live here. This neighborhood in the Chicago area is an upper-middle-class, high-income location with 61.9% higher than average incomes. 

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