Sherwood Drive

Sherwood Drive is one of the more popular neighborhoods in Streamwood, Illinois. These areas have a high population density, making them great for families looking to settle down with friends or loved ones close by.

Sherwood Drive neighborhood in Illinois have a median real estate price that is more expensive than 67.9% of the places in America, 54% higher than the rest of the country. When you compare it to other states or countries, this number jumps up even higher as they are farther away from average wages, which means their homes will typically cost less per square foot but still be valued fairly high due to them being outside our geographical boundaries.

The average rental price in Sherwood Drive is $2,692. This pricey neighborhood beats out 95% of Illinois neighborhoods when it comes to cost per square foot. There are many homes for sale in SSherwood Drive that can perfectly fit depending on your needs.

A home should meet the requirements of its residents and provide them with plenty of space and privacy, which is why this neighborhood offers such a wide variety, from small studios to large two-story houses. The neighborhood of Sherwood Drive is popular, with many homes being occupied by their owners. A lot are established but not old, having been built between 1970 and 1999 in this neighborhood – which includes most residential real estate here. There are also some newer structures added to these properties starting around 2000, so you can find whatever suits your needs, whether that be price range or style preferences.

The home and apartment vacancy rates in Sherwood Drive are lower than a majority of neighborhoods across America, but not quite as low at 8.5%. The neighborhood’s average compares to 51%, which falls right near the middle range for this type of location.

The charm and ambiance of row houses are something special. And in sheer abundance, this neighborhood truly stands out with its variety to choose from. Row houses are a really cool and special type of home. They’re more common in neighborhoods like Sherwood Drive, which has an overwhelming number to offer.

The neighbors in this Streamwood neighborhood are among the wealthiest of all those we recorded, making it an ideal location for people who want to live well but not be too rich. The average income here is higher than 88% of other American neighborhoods and represents one of only 15% of high-income communities nationwide. 

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