Sheffield Ridge

The median price of homes in Sheffield Ridge is $340,323, which makes it more expensive than 73% percent of neighborhoods across Illinois and 59% of the U.S neighborhood.

The average rental price in Sheffield Ridge is $2,480. This amount not only makes it one of the more expensive neighborhoods but also higher than 92% percent of Illinois’ cities.

The population density of this neighborhood is very high, which means that there are many people living here. It’s an urban area with commercial businesses nearby and plenty to do for everyone.

The area around Sheffield Ridge has medium to large-sized single-family homes, apartment complexes/high rise apartments. Most residents own their property which makes it an excellent choice for those who want privacy without the hustle of city life.

Homes in the Sheffield Ridge neighborhood are well-established but not old, with many having been built between 1970 and 1999. A number of homes also date back to 1940 or earlier.

The current vacancy rate in Sheffield Ridge is much lower than in most other neighborhoods. This means that there are fewer properties for rent or sale, which has led to an increase in people looking at homes here.

The Sheffield Ridge/Sheffield Estates neighborhood in the town of Schaumburg has some really outstanding features that make it worth highlighting.

The Sheffield Ridge/Sheffield Estates stands out as rather unique in having nearly all its residential real estate built at one time period, namely between 1970 and 1999. Generally considered established but not old housing, this neighborhood has a mixture of aged homes that make up for an interesting mix with the newer construction found throughout many parts of our country today.

When you look around and drive the streets in this neighborhood, many of the homes seem alike because they were all built within a certain time period. In fact, 92% was built around the same time.

The people of the Sheffield Ridge /Estates neighborhood have more Ukrainian and Greek ancestry than nearly any other place in America! In fact, 2.5% of residents are descendants of Ukraine, while Greeks account for 2.4%.

Sheffield Ridge is an interesting neighborhood because it’s home to so many different languages. In fact, 10.2% of residents five years old and above primarily speak Langs from India at their house! This percentage isn’t small either; in comparison with other neighborhoods across America, this figure comes out slightly higher than 99.3%.

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