Seven Bridges Ice Arena

Woodridge’s indoor sports center opened in 1994, and it has been a big hit with everyone who visits. The Multi-Purpose facility is visited by over one million people every year, making this place one of the most popular ones like its counterparts all across Chicago. Whether you are looking for an ice rink that can accommodate NHL-size or Olympic-sized skating, they have the perfect space. Their 13 750 sq ft turf sports field is big enough to host your event with plenty of room leftover.

The Seven Bridges Ice Arena offers many public programs to meet the needs of all its guests. Public skating sessions are available for those who want an easy way to get started or learn how to glide on ice without actually having skated before, while “Learn To Skate” teaches beginners everything they need to take up this sport more seriously – including strength exercises that will make you shine at any competition. In addition, there are also coaching options tailored towards different levels, so no matter what your kid wants (or if they happen not to be quite old enough yet), there’ll always be something fun happening here.

It’s not just about hockey in this community. There are numerous amenities for everyone. From the Blue Line Bar & Grill to Ice Cafe, you’ll find something here that matches your taste or need, whether it be a hang-out space with friends over food and drinks; workouts from our 200×85 development company, which includes two ice rinks as well – one public skating seasonally operated by locals on behalf of the town of Woodridge area.

Whether you are hosting a concert, trade show, or just going ice skating with friends in Chicago’s beautiful winter weather, Seven Bridges Ice Arena can accommodate your event. With its vast space and variety of amenities, it will be hard not to find something that meets all needs for any size group looking to have fun. The Seven Bridges Ice Arena is a great place to host your next event. Whether it’s an intimate concert for 100 people or 1,500 hockey enthusiasts, this spacious venue has everything you need with its central location in Chicago between two major highways (I90 & I55).

The Ice Arena is proud to be the home of seven different teams, all of whom share a love for hockey and an appreciation of what it takes physically and mentally. From beginner skaters looking forward to growing their skills or higher level players hoping to find new competition in this venue that offers Learn To Play programs, everyone has opportunities no matter where they start.

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