Seven Bridges Golf Club

The Seven Bridges course has been called a perfect mix of beauty and challenging difficulty. From the beautifully designed fairways to water hazards that can test even experienced players, this public golf course will provide you with an enjoyable day out on two beautiful courses. Whether you’re looking for an excellent public course or just want to get out on the greens, Seven Bridges is your go-to spot. This challenging yet beautiful layout features some tricky ponds that will have even experienced players sweating.

The golf course has a system for every player, from beginner to expert. There are 14 lakes that hold water and come into play on at least 18 holes; this means even experienced players will need to ponder their club choice or shot selection. The course has an excellent reputation for the quality of its maintenance and hosted Michael Jordan’s charity during his time with Chicago Bulls.

Seven Bridges, located in Woodridge, Illinois, takes great pride in providing you with an unforgettable experience. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, Seven Bridges will leave your intentions a breeze and ensure that each and every one of your wants and needs are met from start to finish. They’ve been hosting incredible events for over 30 years, and they know how to make your day a reality. Let them handle all the planning and organization execution to enjoy yourself without worry.

We offer a one-stop shopping experience for all your fundraising needs. Seven Bridges can help you plan and execute an amazing event, from their top-notch food service to customized merchandise that will make donors feel like they’re part of the party.

You can host your next event at their catering facilities. With the ability to accommodate 250 guests, you will have an intimate setting that is sure not only impresses but also celebrates with those who are attending. From views in all directions of this course and three different rooms for whatever occasion or size group need they specialize; there’s a perfect space just waiting out here at Seven Bridges.

When you and your significant other are about to embark on one of life’s most meaningful moments, Seven Bridges is your perfect host. Your wedding day will create memories for years and shape who you become as an individual-don’t let it go unnoticed by not celebrating with Seven Bridges. They understand what an investment this event represents, so please allow them to take care of all aspects from the start (ceremony) until the finish(reception). You deserve nothing less than excellence because these days, celebration requires rhythm.

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