Scottdale / Glen Ellyn Woods

In the city of Wheaton, Illinois, there is a suburban neighborhood called Scottdale/ Glen Ellyn Woods. This small yet bustling community is home to many people who love the suburban feel of living in their neighborhood. The area offers easy access to public transportation and has beautiful scenery that you can enjoy while driving around or taking walks near your house.

The Scottdale / Glen Ellyn Woods neighborhood is a pricey location to call home. This area’s median real estate price ($391,123) makes it more expensive than 83.6% of Illinois neighborhoods and 68.7 percent across all neighborhoods in America.

The Scottdale/Glen Ellyn Woods neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for some high-end property. The average rental price in this Wheaton area reaches up into the thousands, but there are still plenty of properties available at more reasonable rates too in this town. In fact, the average rental price in the Scottdale/Glen Ellyn Woods community is $3,163. That makes it higher than 98.3% of neighborhoods across Illinois.

The Scottdale / Glen Ellyn Woods neighborhood is an ideal place to live if you’re looking for spacious homes with plenty of space. The real estate here predominantly consists of medium-sized (three or four bedrooms) – large (four, five+ rooms).

The residential real estate in this area is mostly owner-occupied, with many homes that were built between 1970 and 1999. There are also some older properties like those dating back to between 1940 – 1969.

The Scottdale/Glen Ellyn Woods neighborhood is one of the wealthiest in America. The concentration levels here are unmatched by any other area, and this has helped these residents suffer less during tough economic times than average Americans do nationwide

The people of the Scottdale/Glen Ellyn Woods neighborhood may actually hold all the answers to a truly successful marriage. 68.3% are married, which is higher than 97.9% in other American neighborhoods.

The homeowners in this area are some of the most loyal and reputable people you’ll find anywhere, which is why they dominate both residential real estate as well as workplace ownership.

The Scottdale / Glen Ellyn Woods neighborhood is one of the most impressive in all Illinois. Not only does it have more large homes than 97.3% percent of other areas, but you’ll also notice how beautiful they are from just walking down our street! These spacious properties make for great visual statements when driving or cycling by.

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