Rolling Knolls

Rolling Knolls is a year-round outdoor destination where visitors can enjoy playing disc golf, cross country skiing, and hiking.

Rolling Knolls is a LEED Platinum-certified building that offers affordable meeting and event space overlooking Poplar Creek and a pond. The pond, which can be seen from many areas in the facility as well as through large windows on each floor of our office tower (which also happens to offer incredible views), creates a tranquil atmosphere perfect for hosting your next conference or gathering with friends.

The Cook County preserve called Rolling Knolls is just off Streamwood’s western flank. It provides a vital green corridor for wildlife and native plant seeds, as well as a route to dispersed across the landscape with help from this great place in our community.

This Cook County preserve provides a vital green corridor for wildlife, as well as an important route of native plant seed dispersion across the landscape that connects with other areas like it around Chicagoland.

Rolling Knolls is a preserve that offers many opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. The 18-hole disc golf course allows you to experience the natural beauty and learn about sport at one time while also challenging all skill levels; if hiking isn’t your thing, there are plenty more trails winding through this picturesque land.

Rolling Knolls is a great place to go in search of natural beauty and relaxation. You can take walks, go jogging or skiing here while there’s also a 1-acre pond that has fishing opportunities during the summer months when it’s not frozen over. In addition, you’ll find hills perfect for sledding during wintertime, too, so if we’re talking sports enthusiasts, this spot definitely tops all others because they have everything under one roof.

The Rolling Knolls Park has everything your family needs for an enjoyable day of outdoor fun! With accessible indoor bathrooms and hiking trails with views into the surrounding areas, you will never want to leave. Dogs are allowed on-leash only, but there’s plenty else in this beautiful space where they can run free, like fishing spots or cross country skiing tracks – not to mention drone flying area too, so make sure not to miss out because it gets crowded quick.

The building is designed to be LEED Platinum certified, which means it has many features that make the space more environmentally friendly. One thing everyone will enjoy is its outdoor spaces. The large meeting/event room can host up to 80 guests and provides an incredible view from either their seats or standing positions near balconies on each side of this patio area, where you’ll find scenic lakes below along with lush green trees shading everything in sight. 

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