River West

In Chicago, The river west median price for a home is $571159. That’s more expensive than almost every neighborhood in Illinois and 82.9% of all U.S neighborhoods.

The average rental price in the River West is $2,863. The cost of living here exceeds that across most other areas by a margin of 96.5%.

The population of River West is so high that it’s considered an urban neighborhood.

River West is a neighborhood that consists primarily of small to medium-sized apartment buildings. Most residents own their homes, while others rent them out; many newer ones in this area were built in 2000, with some dating back as far as 1940.

The vacancy rate for homes in River West is lower than in many other neighborhoods. It’s close to the national average.

The people of the River West neighborhood are regular supporters and enjoy outings to the theatre, weekend shopping in boutiques, or even a finely aged wine with dinner.

The people in this neighborhood are some of the most refined and intelligent you will ever come across. They live an exclusive lifestyle that is characterized by their big-city tastes, cultural inclinations, as well as means to lead a lived experience like no other land.

The River West neighborhood is a haven for those who love the arts and culture as well educated executives or managers by week, but serial patrons of art on weekends. This lifestyle pertains to you if that’s what you are into, whether it’s urban sophistication with young professionals.

The River West neighborhood in Chicago is one of the most educated areas, with nearly 79.3% percent having at least a 4-year bachelor’s degree. This percentage exceeds that found throughout all U .S neighborhoods.

The River West neighborhood in Chicago has a higher proportion of its residents employed as executives, managers, and professionals than 97.9% percent of the neighborhoods across America.

In the River West neighborhood, there are many opportunities to walk or bike to work.

The interesting fact about River West is that it has a higher percentage than average speakers who primarily speak Russian at home.

The River West neighborhood in Chicago is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods. The people who live there makeup about 15% or more than most other places across America.

The River West neighborhood data shows that a higher percentage of children here are below the federal poverty line than almost any other area across America.

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