Pembroke Greens / Kings Terrace

The median home price in Pembroke Greens/Kings Terrace is $555,418, which makes it more expensive than 93.6% of the neighborhoods across Illinois and 82.0% of the U.S neighborhoods.

The average rental price in the Pembroke Greens / Kings Terrace community is $2,637, which makes it higher than 94.5% of the other neighborhoods in Illinois.

The Pembroke Greens / Kings Terrace area is located in Naperville, Illinois, and based on population density, and it can be considered a suburban neighborhood.

The Pembroke Greens / Kings Terrace real estate is made up primarily of medium-sized to large single-family homes and apartment buildings. Most residential properties are owner-occupied with some newer construction that was built between 1970 – 1999, but many homes in this neighborhood have been around since before World War II.

While not as high of a vacancy rate you will find in other neighborhoods, Pembroke Greens / Kings Terrace still has an above-average amount for this country. This could mean that demand may increase either price-wise or through new construction projects to meet a growing need among buyers looking at homes here.

In case you’re looking for an area where the wealthy live comfortably with their riches, then this neighborhood is perfect. Pembroke Greens / Kings Terrace ranks as one of Chicago’s wealthiest communities than  97.8% of the neighborhoods in America.

The residents of this neighborhood are in an interesting situation even when compared to other Americans. The sheer amount of wealth concentrated here makes them unique, and that can be seen through their ability to suffer less during economic downturns- they always seem ready with a bounce-back plan.

The area of Pembroke Greens / Kings Terrace has one of the lowest ratings for child poverty in all of America.

The data says that Pembroke Greens/Kings Terrace is the best place for families in Illinois. It’s more family-friendly than 99.6% of neighborhoods throughout this state.

The area’s top public schools and low crime rates make it an excellent choice for those who want to know that their kids will be well cared for. Plus, with so many other families living here too, you’re sure to find socializing easy no matter what kind of person or family member.

The college-educated population in Pembroke Greens/King’s Terrace is a unique characteristic of this neighborhood. 79.9% have received at least a four-year bachelor’s degree, compared to an average across America which stands around 32.1%.

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