Pembroke Commons

The median price of homes in Pembroke Commons is $623,213, which makes it more expensive than 95.5% Of the neighborhoods across Illinois and 85% of U.S neighborhoods. With the average rental price in Pembroke Commons / Huntington Common at $1,684, this is higher than 69.4% of neighborhoods within Illinois.

Pembroke Commons and Huntington Common are suburban neighborhoods based on population density located in Naperville, Illinois.

The Pembroke Commons and Huntington consensus is a perfect place to call home. With large homes that can accommodate your whole family or smaller apartments for those who want their own space while still being included in something bigger than themselves, this area has it all! Not only do you have plenty of opportunities when searching through real estate listings but also based on what type of residence suits YOU best – whether it’s an established house with history dating back as early as 1970-1979 or newer construction made possible by 2000 onwards.

The current vacancy rate in Pembroke Commons is 0.0%, which means there are very few homes for sale. This contrasts with the average U.S neighborhood, where 100% of neighborhoods have a higher amount or percentage than this one does.

What’s more, one way that the Pembroke Commons / Huntington Commons neighborhood really stands out is how it has a lot larger number of homes with four or five bedrooms than most other places around America. When you walk through this area and see all those large houses – there’s no doubt about what statement they make.

The Pembroke Commons / Huntington Commons stands out as rather unique in having nearly all its residential real estate built during one time period, namely between 1970 and 1999. This is generally considered to be established, but not old housing can easily recognize when you take a look around or drive the streets of this community because many residences seem similar due to age.

The people of the Pembroke Commons / Huntington Commons neighborhood may actually hold the key to a truly successful marriage. 71.5% percent are married, which is higher than 99.2% of America’s neighborhoods.

In this neighborhood, you’ll find that the adults are highly educated and wealthy. They own stately homes with high appreciation rates, which makes them live a comfortable life.

When you come to know the people here, it will become clear that we are among one of America’s wealthiest communities.

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