Old Town

The Old Town’s real estate price is $545,765, which makes it more expensive than 92.5% of neighborhoods across Illinois and 80.6% of the neighborhoods in the U.S.

The median rental price in Old Town is currently $3,061. That’s higher than 97.8% of the neighborhoods in Illinois. Old Town is one of the most densely populated urban neighborhoods in Chicago, IL area.

The real estate market in Old Town is made up primarily of small apartments and single-family homes. There is a myriad of options to pick from when looking for your new place. The Old Town neighborhood is home to a number of different types and ages homes. A lot are newer, built-in 2000 or more recently, while others were born between 1970-1999, making them vintage structures you can find all over this place.

The real estate market in Old Town is surprisingly competitive, and its vacancy rate lower than the average for American neighborhoods. This could be due, at least partly, to how much demand there already was when we looked into this area – as seen by these statistics on price increases or construction projects happening nearby too.

The people in this neighborhood are highly educated.88% have earned at least a bachelor’s degree, which is much higher than 99.7% of U.S neighborhoods. This speaks volumes about the intelligence and knowledge these residents possess. The Old Town neighborhood has a higher proportion of executives, managers, and professionals than 97.9%of other neighborhoods in America.

With 39,397 people per square mile in the Old Town neighborhood, it’s more packed with residents than 97.9% of America.

The Old Town community is one of the most unique in America. The large apartment buildings that make up this area are uncommon to find anywhere else, with 76.1% being classed as such. The Old Town neighborhood has one of the highest proportions in America. The concentration here is near-record heights with small homes or apartments that can be perfect fits depending on your needs.

The people of the Old Town neighborhood are more likely to take public transportation than most other neighborhoods in America. In fact, 25.0% ride trains each day, which is a very high percentage compared with 96.8% of the neighborhoods in America. The carless households of the Old Town neighborhood are more common than you might think. 22.5% percent do not own any vehicles, which is higher compared to 95.6% of U.S neighborhoods.

What makes Old Town so unique is, For one, it has more Haitian and Dutch ancestry people living in this neighborhood than nearly any other in America.

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