Old Town Bloomingdale

The city of Bloomingdale is known for its old-style architecture, including the elegant benches and streetlamps that can be found in this area. The newest addition to Old Town was updated in 2016 with new features such as native grasses planted alongside flower beds. Hence, visitors have something beautiful between their feet while walking down memory lane. This endearing, walkable district is on Bloomingdale’s original settlement.

The area around Wolfden Brewing has a mix of old-timey charm and modern amenities. There are restaurants stores for all your needs plus an art museum to explore. If you want some time outside with friends or family, then head over the Bloomingdales Park, where they have gatherings every day during warmer months.

Imagine a world where you could have the best of both worlds – an old, authentic neighborhood and new-age amenities. That’s what Old Town Square has to offer. In wintertime, this open-air market melds with fall colors on every corner while summer brings out vibrant flowers in full bloom along roadsides throughout our town square during festivals celebrating everything from food (specifically chocolate)to arts & crafts; all year long, we’re graced by gorgeous views as they change hour after hour.

Nestled next to Old Town Park at Lake Street and Bloomingdale Road, this historic village has small businesses with restored buildings housing a repository of local history. What was once the site for the village’s first settlement now features an old church that dates back as far as 1849, which is also used by many organizations related in some way or another.

Consider the Bloomingdale School of Music and Pickle Piano for your next piano or vocal lessons. With over 30 years of experience, these businesses will provide you with quality instruction tailored to fit any needs.

If you visit Old Town Bloomingdale, you’re looking for a place to enjoy some American food stop by Rooster’s Bar & Grill. This old-school restaurant has been around for over 50 years, offering their guests dishes such as chicken fried steak with macaroni salad or grilled cheese sandwich on homemade bread while they sip fabulous cocktails from different flavors of Blooming. A more recent addition is D’ treats which offers delicious sweet treat options, including dipped strawberries covered in chocolate sauce.

If you’re in search of a great place to enjoy some local craft beer, Wolfden Brewery is your go-to spot. With an inviting atmosphere and mouthwatering menu of food options from their own catering company or other signature dishes made just as well- including pet-friendly seating so that patrons can play with pets while sipping delicious brews.

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