Old Sawmill / Brookwood

At a median price of $510,060, the Old Sawmill / Brookwood Trace area in Illinois is not only more expensive than 90.6%of U.S neighborhoods but also 78% of the U.S neighborhood.

In the Old Sawmill / Brookwood Trace neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, rental prices are higher than 99.2% of neighborhoods across this state. The average cost to rent an apartment here is $3,422.

The Old Sawmill / Brookwood Trace is a great place to call home if you’re an active, urban person who wants the convenience of living in Naperville.

The Old Sawmill / Brookwood Trace neighborhood is a place where you can find all different types of homes, from small single-family houses to large multiples. Most people living in this community own their property, too; many have been established for decades, but there are some newer builds as well.

In Old Sawmill, Brookwood Trace’s vacancy rate is 0.6%. This lower number means that there are fewer available properties for people looking in this area compared with other neighborhoods across America- suggesting tight housing markets and high prices.

If you’re looking for a place in Illinois where families can thrive, look no further than Old Sawmill / Brookwood Trace. This neighborhood is more family-friendly than 100% of the towns across our great state.

Wealth can make many things in life easier and a few harder. If you’re wealthy, then this neighborhood might interest you.

The residents of the Old Sawmill / Brookwood Trace neighborhood are truly in a unique situation even when compared to other Americans, based on how wealthy they all happen to be. It is no surprise that this community has been able to withstand the test of time. Most importantly, residents here suffered less and recovered more quickly during tough economic times than those living elsewhere in town

This stands out as one unique feature of these parts.

The people of the Old Sawmill / Brookwood Trace neighborhood may actually hold all the secrets to a truly successful marriage; 67.5% are married, which is higher than 97.3% of U.S neighborhoods.

This neighborhood is a great place for people who like reading, writing, and learning, with 75.1% of adults holding at least one bachelor’s degree, which accounts for more than average in America.

The neighborhood of large homes in Old Sawmill / Brookwood Trace stands out as being different from most other areas. The real estate there has more 4, 5, or even six-bedroom properties than 99% percent of all neighborhoods across America.

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