Old Orchard Rd.

Old Orchard Rd is a good bet when it comes to suburban neighborhoods. This area has the highest population density of all places in Skokie. It provides an excellent foundation for living with schools nearby that offer well-rounded education opportunities across many fields of study.

What’s your dream home? Well, if you’re looking in the Illinois suburbs of Chicago, then Old Orchard Rd might be for sale. This median real estate price neighborhood has an average listing price ($354K) higher than 77% percent of communities around here. And don’t forget about how expensive it is compared to other places across America, by 63%.

The average price of renting a home on Old Orchard Rd is currently $2,359.00 based on NeighborhoodScout’s exclusive analysis and represents an increase of 22% from last year alone. This makes this neighborhood more expensive than 89% of other areas within Illinois, which means you’ll need two salary grades higher than what typical people make to afford living here comfortably. This is while not considering all the additional costs associated with owning your own home (like mortgage interest payments). It is essential worth noting that these numbers only reflect rented units; if we were talking about houses or condos instead, things might look differently since purchase prices vary significantly by location.

The homes on Old Orchard Rd can be apartments or single-family houses; some are very large while others are small. The real estate market here offers a variety to fit any need, whether you’re looking for a rental efficiency unit in proximity with all amenities at your fingertips (including schools), only want privacy and space enough to leave your car outside when it’s time to enter inside after work.

The majority of homes in Old Orchard Rd are owner-occupied. Many residents have occupied these residences since before 1970, with some dating back to prewar years like1940s and 1950s. There’s also a considerable number who were built from 2000 onwards but don’t let it confuse you – all will feel at home here because each neighborhood has its unique character that cannot be found anywhere else quite like theirs.

According to NeighborhoodScout, Old Orchard Rd has a low home and apartment vacancy rate. This makes this neighborhood one of the more desirable neighborhoods than others across America – near the middle range for vacancies. This exclusive Skokie neighborhood is home to some of the most well-off people in America. The Old Orchard Rd area has an above-average income, making it an excellent place for investors and professionals who want easy access to public transportation. 

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