Oasis Water Park

The Oasis Park in Bloomingdale, IL is a family water park open during school summer break. The Oasis Water Park has three main zones. The Bloomingdale Barracuda Swim & Dive Team’s training center, ‘Cuda Cove, is an eight-lane lap pool with a drop slide and diving well as well as a climbing wall for those who want to get their adrenaline pumping.

The ‘Cuda Cove features an eight-lane lap pool, a pineapple plunge drop slide, and diving boards (1 meter & 3 meters). There are also three different ducking wells with depths ranging from 13 feet deep to 33 feet underwater. If you’re looking for some fun in your waterpark, visit this one because it’ll leave everyone satisfied–even those who can’t swim

If you’re looking for a pool with plenty to keep your children busy, then Oasis Park is the place. This beach-entry leisure lagoon has two slides – 110 feet long and 160 feet tall; it also comes equipped with geysers, sprayers that spout water or foam into children’s hair. There are also spilling buckets that create fun sounds when they land in one of many containers placed around this area by staff members trained on how best to handle these surprises. In addition, there are soft play features like water toys and ball pools so everyone can find what suits them best–even though most will spend time here just running wild through all those vibrant waters.

The play area of Adventure Island is packed with different types of activities to keep the kids busy. There are slides that they can slide down on, waterfalls, and pools where you will find exciting games like “waterball” so your child won’t be bored even for a minute. Also there’s some other cool stuff inside this beautiful venue, such as spinning trays or pipe falls – all of which provide loads more fun than just playing around in one spot.

There is nothing not to love about Oasis Park as it has it all. There are pools, falls, and even spinning trays for those who want some wet fun. The Oasis is the best place to get your fill of water. This park has it all with pools, falls, and play structures. Whether you’re an experienced swimmer or not, there is something at the Oasis that will satisfy your needs. The Tiki Hut and bathhouse provide all of our guests with some much-needed shade while they enjoy their dips in fresh water and dinners on site. In addition to these amenities, the Oasis Park also offers assistance by a remote-controlled lift to lift people to the water slide.

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