Oak Knolls

The Oak Knolls/Concord Station neighborhood is considered one of the best places in Illinois for executive lifestyles. NeighborhoodScout’s analysis ranks it as better than 93% percent (ranked 1 out 100) among all other neighborhoods. This means that there are many wealthy, educated professionals who choose to reside here and enjoy a very active lifestyle with plenty going on around town every day, from work projects or socializing at local restaurants.

Oak Knolls is an urban neighborhood with a population density that’s five times greater than the average area in Streamwood. The location offers many opportunities for those who live there, including access to excellent schools and businesses nearby; while still being close enough if you want more space or different amenities.

The median price of a home in Oak Knolls is $306,871, making it more expensive than 70.3% percent of the neighborhoods across Illinois and 56% higher than the rest of the country. The average rental price in Oak Knolls is $2,700.00 based on NeighborhoodScout’s exclusive analysis, and it rates as a higher expense than 95% of the neighborhoods within Illinois.

The beautiful and serene Oak Knolls area is perfect for those who want to live in an environment that’s quiet but not too far from town. The homes here range from medium-sized three-bedroom houses all the way up through large five+ bedroom properties with private yards. The Oak Knolls / Concord Station neighborhood is a great place for those who want the convenience of living in an established community with plenty going on around them. Many homes here were built between 1970 and 1999, but you will also find some newer construction as well.

The Oak Knolls/Concord station area has a lower rate of vacancies than 83% percent of all neighborhoods in America. This means that there is an ample supply of housing here, which makes it easier to find your dream home.

The personality and character of a neighborhood are very formative to the wealth in that area. Middle-class neighborhoods have more middle-class people, who tend to be quieter than upper or lower classes; they also influence their surroundings regarding education level. For example, there can sometimes be an emphasis on staying out until later hours when this becomes accepted culture across all social strata. The neighbors in this Streamwood neighborhood are upper-middle-class, making it an above-average income area. The exclusive analysis by NeighborhoodScout reveals that there are higher earnings compared to 84% of America’s neighborhoods.

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