Northside is a fascinating neighborhood in Wheaton, Illinois. It’s an urban area with many things going on and has a population density much higher than most other parts of the town, which means there are more opportunities for people who live here.

The Northside neighborhood in Wheaton, IL, has a median real estate price of $562,487 which makes it more expensive than 91.1 percent of neighborhoods within the state and 79% nationwide. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy there, though. It just means your home will likely have some pretty high-end amenities like private pools & spas – something many people would enjoy but may not necessarily need every day.

The Northside neighborhood is one of the most expensive communities to rent a home in Wheaton, IL. The average rental price here currently stands at $2,220, making it higher than 86.7 percent of other areas across Illinois.

The Northside neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for the perfect small or medium-sized home. The area has plenty of options in terms of real estate, from single-family homes all way up through high-rise apartments with views across the town.

The Northside neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for old-world charm. There are plenty of homes that date back not later than 1939, some with even earlier construction dates. The area also has newer additions in between 2000 and now; it’s not just limited by decades but centuries as well when considering how long some houses have been standing firm on their original site since they were built thousand upon millennia ago (give or take).

If you enjoy taking the train to work each day, this neighborhood may be for you. 16% of Northside’s commuters ride their trains daily, which is more than we found in 95% of other neighborhoods across America.

The Northside neighborhood in Wheaton is among the 15% wealthiest areas of America, making it home to some very wealthy people. This area has an average income that exceeds 93.3% of other American neighborhoods.

The diverse languages spoken by people in this neighborhood give it an interesting twist. These are tabulated as the ones preferred when at home with family, and English (94.9%) tops them all here – followed by Polish or Spanish depending on where you live.

The neighborhood of Northside is one of the most livable neighborhoods in America, with a median commute time that’s shorter than almost any other place. The average resident spends just under 15 minutes getting to work each day and back home again – not bad when you consider how many people spend over half their lives on transport.

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