North Shore Center for Performing Arts

For more than 20 years, the North Shore Center for Performing Arts has been a modern destination in Skokie, IL area. The venue offers world-class theatre performances and concerts with excellent cultural programming that is both educational and entertaining. In just one night of dancing, attendance can learn everything from Ballet genres such as contemporary or traditional folkloric rhythms while enjoying some great music too – including jazz on occasion if they’re into this kind of thing.

The North Shore Center is a world-class, award-winning performance venue that an architect from Boston has designed. The building opened in 1996 and was given the National Commercial Builder’s Award of Excellence Merit Award for Division IV in 1998. The North Shore Center is a world-class theater with 68,000 square feet of space and plenty to offer. Whether you’re looking for concerts by famous performers or shows tailored just right around your needs – this venue has what every attendee could ask for.

In the mid-1980s, when Dorothy Litwin applied for funding under the “Build Illinois Program,” she faced opposition from local residents concerned about their own safety. However, Skokie Village supported this project as an economic stimulus because it would be a valuable cultural asset to the community. The North Shore Center has been a successful project for the City of Chicago and PFM. Illinois then created the Centre East Metropolitan Exposition, Auditorium, and Office Building Authority as the owner. Six members were appointed from Skokie village plus three Niles township representatives)- all filling out their terms.

Visitors to the center will be blown away by its 867-seat main stage theater, which can seat an entire audience ornery enough for you. There’s also a flexible 318 capacity auditorium that’s perfect if they want more private performances and community events with friends.

The center’s outdoor concerts in the OutBack Parking Lot have become a must-see. This year’s lineup is especially exciting, ranging from traditional to modern-day music genres. You can expect top names in the music industry and other comedy acts on stage for your entertainment needs this summer season at their local park fairgrounds.

The North Shore Center is proud to present a feature series of entertainment spanning numerous genres and styles and an educational performing arts program called YOUTHEATRE. They also host performances by leading Chicago area organizations in various art forms such as dance or musical theater production- just some examples of what we have available for your viewing pleasure. 

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