North Center

The median home price in North Center is $943,695, which makes it more expensive than 97.0% of neighborhoods across Illinois and 90.2% of the US neighborhoods.

The cost of renting in North Center is higher than most areas across Illinois, with an average rental price currently at $2.463.

North Center is an urban neighborhood in Chicago with a population density that ranks it among the most crowded areas.

In North Center, there is a wide range of housing options for residents. From small studio apartments to large houses with multiple bedrooms, you’re sure to find what suits your needs. The neighborhood has an interesting mix of both owner-occupied homes as well rental units.

The North Center neighborhood is home to some truly historic homes, with many dating back to 1939. There are also a number of new construction properties in this area that were built between 2000 and now.

North Center neighborhood has an above-average vacancy rate, with 13.8% of the housing being unoccupied year-round, a higher percentage than 71.1% of American neighborhoods. This could mean there’s not enough demand for real estate in this area or that new buildings have gone up but haven’t been filled yet; either way, you may find many homes and apartments are empty when compared against other neighborhoods across America as well.

The North Center neighborhood in which more urban sophisticates live than 99.7% of neighborhoods across the US has a refined taste for literature, music, and theater; it’s where people who value urbane culture can find themselves at home with their neighbors defined by these tastes.

The North Center neighborhood in Chicago has a unique characteristic that makes it stand out from other neighborhoods. 82.6% of adults here have received at least a bachelor’s degree, which is much higher than the average for all American cities, that is at 32.1%.

The residents of this neighborhood are truly in an unparalleled situation even when likened to other nations, based on the sheer amount of wealth in this area. Even during economic downturns, people from these areas always recover more quickly and suffer less than others do.

The North Center neighborhood in Chicago has a very high percentage of people who ride the train to work each day. In fact, this area’s level is higher than 97.6% of other American neighborhoods. The North Center neighborhood in Chicago is among the top 5% of American neighborhoods for walkability.

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