North Avenue Beach

What’s not to love about Chicago? The city has so much going on all year round. There are beaches where you can enjoy the summer sun and surf, and shopping districts in the fall that look beautiful despite being bustling with people during Christmas time (don’t forget Thanksgiving!). And then there’s winter- how the snowfalls. It covers everything, sometimes even making it impossible for us citizens without cars or trucks–as well as our pets–to get around town safely because county roads shut down frequently due to this type of weather condition.

The summer in Chicago, IL can be one of the best that you ever have, especially when you hit North Avenue Beach. There’s no shortage of colossal things to do and see while strolling along this beautiful strip. From board games on sandy beaches with oceanfront views, seaside brewpubs where live bands play every night—or just sitting back relaxing under an umbrella after catching some waves—there really is something here for everyone who lives within city limits.

Situated at 1600 N. Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, IL 60613, United States, North Avenue Beach is an indoor activity center with tons of fun things to do. The ship has been specially converted into a beach house that offers games and activities for all ages, including those who are handicapped or unable to do so of their own accord.

North Avenue Beach is a great place to spend the day with family and friends. You can enjoy rides and games of all sorts, or simply take in breathtaking views of the water from its many attractions.

The beautiful North Avenue Beach is a popular destination for those looking to enjoy a scenic day at the beach. The 22,000 square foot space includes plenty of attractions and activities that you won’t want your trip here to take away from. The waves are always strong, and it has tons to offer visitors, like delicious hotdogs on a stick.

This beach is known for its pristine waters and families. However, it’s also one of the most popular beaches in Chicago because not only can you enjoy summertime fun with your loved ones here-but if there are lifeguards on duty, they will keep an eye over everyone! Follow their instructions when swimming so that everything goes smoothly; don’t take any chances by doing something risky or foolhardy (like going near water alone). For those people who come as visitors, expect no less than professionalism from Coast Guard-approved personal floating devices like PFDs, which must be worn during beach access times; this ensures safety at all times.

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