Near East Side

The Near East Side median real estate price is $1,200,873, making it more expensive than 97% of neighborhoods in Illinois and 90.8 percent of the U.S cities. In addition, the price of renting a house in the Near East Side is higher than 99.1% of the other neighborhoods in Illinois, with an average rental price currently at $3,420.

The Near East Side is a great community to live in if you’re looking for a small, medium, or even large apartments. You’ll find everything on this side of town – from studios with just one bedroom all the way up to four-bedroom homes. The demographic of the Near East Side is a mixture between owners and renters. There are many newer houses in this area, with the oldest being built from 1970-to 1999; others were even created more recently than 2000.

The Near East Side neighborhood in Chicago is an oasis for those living below the poverty line. This neighborhood has the lowest percentage of children affected by global issues, around 0%. The Near East Side neighborhood in Chicago has a unique characteristic of 88.2% college-educated adults, which is higher than average for an American city at 32%. This knowledgeable population makes up the foundation of what makes this area so desirable and successful.

The people in this neighborhood are more likely than most to choose walking as their mode of transportation. If you’re eyeing such a place, look no further. If you’re looking for an area with plenty of train- riders, 14% of residents in this neighborhood travel by public transportation each day, which exceeds the national average of 95%.

The Near East Side neighborhood in Chicago has a higher proportion of people who work from home than 95% of U.S neighborhoods.

The Near East Side neighborhood is one of the most interesting and unusual because it’s almost entirely dominated by large apartment buildings. These include high-rise apartments and complexes as well.

The workforce in the Near East Side neighborhood is largely made up of executives, managers, and professionals with 76.7%, making this area more densely populated with high-level workers than most parts across America.

The Near East Side neighborhood stands out for its high level of carlessness, with 43.5% of households without vehicles in this area – more than any other place we’ve seen so far.

The Near East Side neighborhood in Chicago has more Croatian and Romanian ancestry people living in it than nearly any other American city. In fact, 2% of this area’s residents are either Croats or Romans.

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