Navy Pier

Chicago’s Navy Pier is a destination for visitors and locals alike with its diverse schedule of events, public programs such as concerts by talented musicians from around the world, or interactive workshops on everything from photography techniques to languages learned abroad.

Navy Pier is a Chicago, Illinois destination for family-friendly entertainment and to take in the breathtaking views. If you’re looking forward to something more physical than just sitting around listening or watching others do nothing, then head over near where they sell tickets into different rides, including a tall Ferris wheel that will give your stomach enough jitters. Navy Pier is Chicago’s most famous landmark. The pier was built back in 1912 and has been designated as a historic site by the National Park Service as it should be because this place truly does have something for everyone. You can go there to enjoy amazing views of Lake Michigan or visit one of their many free attractions.

The perfect way to occupy yourself in the afternoon is with your kids at this mini-golf course. You can practice throwing those clubs around and test out how good of aim you have when it comes down from 18 holes. Or, if exploring buildings sounds more up your alley, take the children on tour through Chicago’s Children’s Museum, where they’ll get hands-on experience in many different areas such as treehouses or firetrucks. The Chicago Shakespeare Theater is a great place for adults to enjoy some theater and drinks. If you want more of an experience, head over to the Miller Lite Beer Garden, where they have live music as well- there are plenty of games, including bingo, where parents can drink their own beer while watching others play.

The iconic Navy Pier is a great place to take in some of Chicago’s best features. From concerts and fireworks, this pier has it all. You can even go on Segway tours during summertime for an evening full experience that won’t disappoint- especially if you’re looking at their impressive New Year’s Eve show each year when they typically do something really special over the lake from 1600+ feet up high lit up by lights just as beautifully here below us.

Visit the Navy Pier for a preview of what’s to come this summer. There will be performances, food vendors, and even free samples. The best part? The pier will also showcase fireworks at the end, so you can see them go off while they are still lighting up the sky. Catch your favorite bands on stage or try some new cuisine from one-of-a-kind restaurants that span around town before taking in all things spectacular during their annual Summer Sampler series. 

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