Nantucket Cove

The median Nantucket Cove real estate price of $391,516 is more expensive than 83.2%of the communities in Illinois and 68.4% of the U.S neighborhood. The average rental price in the Nantucket Cove community is currently $2,019. This is higher than 82.0% of the neighborhoods across Illinois. Nantucket Cove is an up-and-coming neighborhood based on population density located in the heart of Chicago.

The Nantucket Cove neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for single-family homes and townhomes. The majority of these residences are owner-occupied, with many being established but not old enough that they’ve aged gracefully into classic status! There’s also some newer construction going on in this area, too – primarily made up mostly by medium-sized apartments or lofts which were built between 1970 through 1999.

The Nantucket Cove area has a very low vacancy rate which is an indicator that there are few homes for sale in this community. The Nantucket Cove neighborhood is a highly desirable location with low rates of vacancies. The fact that only 0.8% are vacant suggests there’s a very strong demand for real estate in this area, combined with possible reasons such as zoning laws or dense development patterns which could hinder further expansion into residential use by landlords.

With nearly 2.5% of its residents having Ukrainian or Polish ancestry, the Nantucket Cove neighborhood is more diverse than most places in America. The diversity in Nantucket Cove is fascinating. 6.9% of its residents of this community who are five years old and above primarily speak Langs.’ India at home, which may seem like a small percentage, but it’s higher than 98.5% of the neighborhoods in America.

The diversity in languages spoken by people living within the Nantucket Cove neighborhood is vast. The most common language among them all, English, comes out on top with 72.4%. Other important scripts include those from India Langs, Spain/Poland & Italy.

In the Nantucket Cove neighborhood of Schaumburg, IL there are many different ethnic groups that have made their mark on this community. The most frequent identifying trait is Irish heritage with 19% reporting being of Irish decent while 18 percent identify themselves as Asian and Italian respectively . Other significant parts make up those who were born outside America.

It’s not surprising that people living in Nantucket Cove are more likely than most to enjoy a shorter commute. The greatest number of commuters spend between 15 and 30 minutes one-way going into work every day, which is much less time compared with what many Americans typically spend getting from their homes towards an office.

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