Moraine Woods

Moraine Woods is the perfect place to call home if you’re looking for something close-knit and family-friendly. This suburban neighborhood (based on population density), located in Streamwood, Illinois, has everything needed with schools nearby, plus it is only 10 minutes from downtown Chicago. Moraine Woods is a suburban neighborhood in Streamwood, Illinois. It’s based on population density and has many trees making it feel like an escape from the hustle-and-bustle outside city limits.

Moraine Woods and Surrey woods are two of the most expensive neighborhoods in Illinois. The median real estate price for this area hovers around $306,871, higher than 70% of what people can afford in the entire Illinois area. This information should not be shocking, considering these areas feature large suburban houses on big plots with great schools within close proximity. The median real estate price in Surrey Woods/ Moraine woods is $306,871, making it more expensive than 56% of the neighborhoods throughout the country. This can be an attractive option for those looking to live on a larger piece of land with plenty going on around them.

The cost of renting a home in the Moraine woods area is significantly higher than average. Based on the exclusive analysis, this neighborhood has an annual rental price that is 16% above Illinois’verages and comes with 95.3% higher prices than the rest of the nation. It’s clear why so many people are looking towards a move into these picturesque areas where living offers such great value.

Moraine Woods is an area rich with history, and there’s no shortage of real estate to match. From medium-sized homes perfect for families of four or more people who want their own space in the suburbs yet still close enough when you need access into Illinois city life on foot -to large five-bedroom properties that offer peace plus privacy-you’ll find everything here at Surrey woods.

The area is home to many owner-occupied homes. Many residents in this neighborhood have lived there for decades, with some buildings being built as recently as 2000 or more recently constructed houses can be found too, but they’re not necessarily common accommodations among those who live here full time. The region’s real estate market favors people living within its borders; most buyers purchase residential properties alone rather than renting out apartments alongside their primary residence though it would appear that rental rates tend towards the lower end of the scale when compared against other regions throughout Illinois.

Move into the Surrey Woods / Moraine Woods neighborhood, and you’ll find yourself in an upper-middle-class area with a high income, which makes it one of Streamwood’s more desirable areas.

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