Millenium Park

The median real estate price in Millenium Park is $1,200,873, which makes it more expensive than 97% of neighborhoods in Illinois and 90% across America. The average rental price in Millennium Park is $3,420. This rate exceeds that of 99% of Illinois neighborhoods.

Millenium Park, located in Chicago, IL area, has a mixture of apartment complexes and single-family homes. The majority are occupied by owners, though renters make up the balance in this area. This neighborhood is a great place to live because you can find different types of homes. There are newer buildings, some built in 2000 or more recently as well older ones from 1970-1999.

The Millenium Park neighborhood is home to some of the lowest child poverty rates in America. In addition, the people in this neighborhood are more educated than most others across the country, with 88% holding at least a bachelor’s degree. This is much higher than 99% of U.S neighborhoods.

The concentration of solo residents in this area is higher than most all neighborhoods across America.

Millenium Park is a great place to live if you want the ability to walk or biking daily commute. The neighborhood’s 48% rate in this category makes it one of America’s most favorable spots for those who rely on their feet as well.

The Millenium Park is a really unique and interesting neighborhood because it’s almost entirely dominated by large apartment buildings. These include complexes or high-rises, which give this area its own flair. This area has a higher proportion of large apartment buildings than 99.4% percent of all neighborhoods in America.

Millenium Park is a unique neighborhood in that it has one of the highest proportions for small living spaces. Most neighborhoods have an assortment from apartments to homes, but here there are more Studios than any other size property. With 88.6% of this small size’s real estate being here, it is clear that the neighborhood has a uniqueness compared to other areas in America since only a handful shares these characteristics.

The Millennium Park neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for work in the executive field. A whopping 99% of residents are employed as executives, managers, or professionals. The percentage of people who work in management or other professional jobs is quite high, which shapes this neighborhood’s character and defines what it stands for.

In addition to being home to an overwhelming amount of Croatian and Romanian ancestors, the Millenium Park neighborhood also has a higher proportion than most other areas in America. 2% percent or more people living here have Croatian roots, while 1.5 % are actually related to Romania.

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