Medieval Times

When you want to experience an evening of entertainment and delicious food, then head on over to Medieval Times. The entertainment at this restaurant will take you back to the Spanish middle ages. With an outstanding menu, incredible ambiance, and setting that is medieval in nature, there’s no better place for a family get-together or date night than here.

The four-course meal at Medieval Times is not just for show! You’ll be able to enjoy a delicious and nutritious medieval-style dinner with your family. The food will make even the fussiest eater happy, so order any vegetarian options you want–and don’t worry about being vegan because they’ve got something in store for everyone who loves eating meatless meals on their menu too.

Themed restaurants are all the rage these days, but at Medieval Times you’ll be seated amidst lush medieval decor including knights and horses while eating. This makes it an immersive experience of 11th century Spain.

You’ll be transported to the 11th century during your meal when you sit atop horses and watch falcons fly overhead while dining. The environment is immersive with swords hanging on every wall, knights training in preparation for the battle – all make this an experience not quite unlike any other.

The performing arts center not only offers a two-hour show but also has professional artists who engage in jousting tournaments with real weapons.

For those who enjoy a good show with their food, there’s no better place than medieval times. From the dinner-and-show or self-guided tours of this museum that houses various exhibitions, including one on arms and armor from centuries past to see how people lived then before setting out into our world as we know it now.

The Medieval Times Museum of Torture will leave you feeling nightmares for weeks after visiting. This museum showcases full medieval torture device replicas, which are sure to give anyone authorize nightmare-telling capacities.

The times when you get to see history come alive in front of your eyes are truly a thing worth celebrating. There’s nothing like it, and we’re sure that anyone who has the chance will love it too.

Situated at 2001 N Roselle Rd, Schaumburg, IL area, the Medieval Times is one place where people can experience this for themselves – but please do make sure they book their tickets ahead because during peak seasons, there tends to be quite an audience as such making full use of every minute available on stage or enjoying some exhibits before heading home together again just like everyone else does during these times nowadays due entirely different reasons than what legends suggested centuries ago.

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