Meacham Grove Nature Preserve

It is easy for anyone to get lost in the natural beauty of Spring Brook Creek, but don’t worry because plenty of signs will guide you back. Along this path is a great expanse of meadows with winding streams and thick woods on either side, making it feel like an escape from reality.

The forest preserve of DuPage County is home to Meacham Grove, which was named for Bloomingdale’s founding settlers. This grove has been purchased piecemeal since the 1920s and 1990s when it first became part-of county land before being finally bought by taxpayers in 2002, who now maintain its natural beauty just as they did back then.

The rolling terrain of this 250+ acre preserve makes for an adventure outdoors. You may get the chance to see eye-catching shorebirds like great blue herons and egrets, as well as other wildlife. There’s also 32 acres worth of Maple Lake which you can enjoy if your feet tire from exploring all over or just need some quiet time alone with nature – a crushed stone trail skirts it, so walking won’t be hard at any point during your visit. The North Central DuPage Regional Trail is a 19-mile bikeway that spans northern DuPage County from Roselle to Wayne.

The Meacham Grove Forest Preserve in Bloomingdale is a hidden treasure for nature lovers. The forest has been preserved with its natural beauty and provides opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, including hiking trails that wind through lush woodlands full of tree seekers or go camping among sites overlooking beautiful meadows filled will fluffy white clouds billowing up from their bases like cotton candy on an open stretch before you reach flowing spring brook creek below it all awaits your return so take some time out today.

Western chorus frogs live on the east side of Meacham Grove, and you can often hear them croaking during your walk through this area. Great egrets are also visible here, and great blue herons might feed their young while they swim around looking for food. There are also swallow birds flying overhead trying out a new nest site before finally settling down into one that’s been prepared by industrious homeowners like yourself.  

Native plants grow in an upland forest on the west side of Bloomingdale-Roselle Road, where intermittent streams exist. In 2012 Illinois designated this area as Meacham Grove Nature Preserve because it has extra protection from human development thanks to its natural beauty and uniqueness compared with other parts of the state that were not given this same status.

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