Mccormick Boulevard

Mccormick Boulevard is a suburban neighborhood in Skokie, Illinois area. It’s based on population density, making it one of the most populated areas near Chicago overall. This particular neighborhood in the Skokie district has some remarkable things about it that are worth highlighting. It’s safe and well-mannered – not to mention quiet. It also offers an excellent view for those who live here; you’ll enjoy your morning coffee on one of these balconies while watching all sorts go by below.

What’s your dream home worth? The median value for a good house in Mccormick Blvd is $334,839. This number may surprise you- because it’s higher than the average cost of homes throughout Illinois and even some neighboring states. It might seem like an expensive place to live at first glance; however, there are many things people often sacrifice when moving into cheaper neighborhoods, such as safety and proximity to public transportation. This makes getting around easier without relying heavily on cars, etc., local amenities, including grocery stores.

The cost of renting in Mccormick Boulevard is higher than average for neighborhoods around Illinois. The average rental price here on Mccormick Boulevard stands at $2,339, making it a little more expensive than 88% of areas around Illinois. This is an excellent spot for those who want to live in the city but have large families. There are plenty of homes that can accommodate your extended family, whether one or two bedrooms.

The residential real estate in this neighborhood is mostly owner-occupied. Many of the homes here were built before 1969 and some as recently as the 1990s, making them an excellent investment opportunity for investors or those looking to live close by but still have that vintage feel. The housing market in this area seems stable, with vacancy rates at just 6.5%. That’s lower than 63% of American neighborhoods and may mean some demand for either price increases or new construction on homes currently available here. But it also could be because more people have been looking into buying lately as prices have gone up slightly over last year’s level.

Located in Skokie, the Mccormick Blvd neighborhood is one of many moderate-income neighborhoods across America. The exclusive findings by NeighborhoodScout show that this area has an above-average income compared with other locales. The residents here are middle class and make up a significant portion (about 50%)of what’s known as “the backbone” – meaning they help support all levels below them through their consumer spending power which affects everything from business profits down to the way of life of the residents of this neighborhood. 

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